Louisiana Graduation Requirements

During the first two years of high school, students should focus on building on the knowledge and skills they gained in previous grades.  Every 9th and 10th grade student will take core academic classes to work towards a diploma.  Following the student’s 10th grade year, a student may choose to work toward a Jump Start TOPS Tech Pathway or pursue the TOPS University Pathway.  Students may choose both pathways.  Decisions are made with counseling and guidance, based on the student’s interests, capabilities, and ambitions.  
For students who are looking to attend a Louisiana public university, TOPS University Curriculum is required for regular freshman admission.  To review Louisiana Board of Regents Minimum Admission Standards for First-Time Freshmen, click here.

TOPS University Diploma Requirements

ENGLISH = 4 Units

4 units: English I, II, III, & IV

MATH = 4 Units

1 unit: Algebra I

1 unit: Geometry

1 unit: Algebra II

1 unit: Algebra III, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Math Functions, Probability and Statistics, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus

SCIENCE = 4 Units

1 unit: Biology I 

1 unit: Chemistry I 

2 units: Physical Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Biology II, Physics I & II, Chemistry II


1 unit: Civics

1 unit: American History

2 units: World History, European History, World Geography, AP Human Geography


2 units: Foreign Language (2 units in the same language)

FINE ARTS = 1 Unit

            1 unit: Fine Arts Survey, Drafting, Studio/Visual Art, Music, Dance, or Drama

P.E = 1 1/2 Units 

             1 1/2 unit: P.E. I and P.E. II


                1/2 unit: Extracurricular Sports

HEALTH = 1/2 Unit

JROTC may be substituted for P.E/HEALTH                   


Total = 24 Units

Please note: This is a modified version of Louisiana's graduation requirements. This list only indicates the courses of graduation requirements that are offered at Caddo Magnet High School. For a more comprehensive list of Louisiana's graduation requirements, go to www.louisianabelieves.com.  

For a listing of course offerings at Caddo Magnet High School that  includes course levels and prerequisites, click here