Health/P.E. Credit Options

Health/PE Credit Options

Many Caddo Magnet students try to get ahead in their coursework in order to be able to take more of the unique and higher level classes that are offered on campus.  Due to academic rigor of programs and the need for consistency in concepts learned, students are not allowed to get Carnegie credit for core courses taken online or in summer camps, etc.  All courses taken off of Caddo Magnet’s campus must have the approval of the principal if the student wishes to receive high school credit. 

There are some areas in which 9th graders may obtain high school credit that will apply towards graduation requirements.  This is available to other grade levels as well.

1)  Caddo Magnet High School allows the ½ Health credit needed for graduation to be taken online.  This is a course that will require payment by the parent.  Two programs that many students have used in the past to obtain this ½ credit are BYU Independent Studies Program and Louisiana High School Correspondence Courses.  Most students that take this course do so in the summer of their 9th grade year before the start of the tenth grade year.

Louisiana High School Correspondence Courses

Health #134


BYU Independent Study

Health #041


The form (Correspondence Course Request Form) to obtain approval to take one of these courses may be found on the school’s website,, under the counseling tab. Once the form is completed and the appropriate documentation is attached, it should be submitted to your grade level counselor.


2)  The Louisiana Department of Education allows high school athletes that participate on school sponsored athletic teams during the high school season to receive a one-time ½ credit for PE.  Caddo Magnet High School participates in this program.  Athletes must participate in practice/competitions for a minimum of 62.6 hours in order to receive this credit.  Off campus PE and athletic teams that have a PE class on campus do not qualify for this program.  Students participating in the following Caddo Magnet athletic teams may possibly qualify:  Cross Country, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, and Wrestling.  The form (Extracurricular Athletic .5 Credit Form) to obtain approval may be found on the school’s website,, under the counseling tab.  Once the form is completed by your coach, he/she will submit it to your grade level counselor.  This is to be done AFTER a student-athlete has completed the high school season.